Queen’s Brian May Recalls Realizing He Shouldn’t Be A Frontman

Queen guitarist Brian May recently joined BBC Radio 2’s Gary Davies for an interview and remembered when he discovered he didn’t want to be a frontman.

In late 1992, Brian May formed The Brian May Band for touring to promote his solo studio records. May worked with Cozy Powell and Neil Murray for the rhythm section, while former Queen keyboardist Spike Edney played the keyboard for the band.

In The Brian May Band, the guitarist sang the vocals during the shows and asked the audience to join in later on, just like Freddie Mercury did at the Queen concerts. However, the band’s music career didn’t last long as they split when May focused on his work with Queen and reunited for one time only in 1998.

Currently, Brian May focuses on his solo work and Queen + Adam Lambert. In February 2022, he announced that he would reissue his album, ‘Another World,’ as part of the ‘Brian May Gold Series.’ The reissue will come out on April 22. Moreover, May is currently getting ready to tour with Queen, featuring Adam Lambert.

In an interview with BBC Radio 2, Brian May remembered when he toured with Cozy Powell as the Brian May Band. The rocker then said he thought he could be a frontman at that time but later realized that he loved playing guitar instead. According to May, his guitar is his voice.

Speaking about the names he worked with for his ‘Another World,’ Brian May said the following:

“Well, there was the great Cozy Powell, and that’s who I started out with. I’d just been out on tour with him as the Brian May Band, which I foolishly toured the world with. I say ‘foolishly’ because I thought I could sing and be a frontman.

I did it, but it brought me back to this realization that I actually love playing guitar. I’m very happy that we’re going out in a month or so as Queen and Adam Lambert and I get to play guitar without any dilution. I can just devote myself to the guitar being my voice. But at this point, yeah, I was trying to do everything.”

You can listen to the rest of the interview below.