Queen’s Brian May Names The Two Piano Players Who Created Rock Music

There have been many theories regarding rock origins, but Brian May‘s idea for the genre’s roots is slightly different from the common theses. Although many have contributed rock music with the guitar sound, May argued how the genre originated from the piano to Gold radio station and disclosed the two pianists who played vital roles in the emergence of rock.

To Brian, rock music has a passion that defines the genre’s sound. The rocker is also aware of the numerous theories regarding the importance of the guitar sound in rock, but May argued that the guitar sound was a later addition.

“Where did that kind of anger and passion come from?” asked Brian as he named the musicians who might have created rock. “My answer is two piano players, not guitar pianos. Jerry Lee Lewis is one, and Little Richard is the other. They’re screaming their guts outs. They’re not singing like Johnny Ray or Frank Sinatra. They’re screaming their passion. It’s kind of on the verge of uncomfortable.”

He continued, “That’s where rock music came from, in my opinion. You’ve got to look a bit later before the guitar actually catches up, strangely enough. I mean, James Burton is in there, doing some of Elvis’ stuff, and Rick Nelson. But until you get to Jimi Hendrix and Jimmy Page and Eric Clapton – that’s when you get the real passion coming into the guitar playing.”

May emphasized how it was common to assume that rock originated from the guitar. “It’s fascinating for me because you think of rock music as being completely guitar-dominated. But, really, those two guys, I think, put the anger in, which made rock what it is: the reality, the passion, you know?”

Everyone has their theories regarding rock music’s roots. Still, to Brian May, a guitar hero himself, the genre originated from two piano players who had brought the genre passion and anger.