Priscilla Presley On Harry Styles’ Chance To Become The ‘New Elvis Presley’

Some artists like Elvis Presley become such iconic figures that they are always subject to comparisons with the new generation musicians that follow them. In a recent interview with NME, Elvis’ ex-wife, Priscilla, shared her opinions on whether she sees any resemblance between the late star and modern artists like Harry Styles, whose popularity has been increasing tremendously.

No!” Priscilla replied, revealing that she doesn’t think of Harry Styles as the new Elvis Presley since the late singer was a fantastic performer who couldn’t be compared to anyone else. “I’m sorry! Listen, oh boy, I’ve never seen a performer like Elvis. He was unique. Once he got on that stage and performed, it was for the audience, and he wanted to please them so much and give them the show that they expected.”

Speaking on Elvis’ unique bond with his audience, Priscilla said, “I asked him once, ‘How do you know if the audience is enjoying it or if they’re not having a good time?’ He replied: ‘When they start scratching their heads or yawning, I know I’m not doing a good job!’ He was very in-tune with crowds.”

Then, Priscilla shared a hilarious anecdote from one of Elvis’ shows. She recalled, “Somebody yawned in the audience one night, and he stopped the show and said: ‘Is it me you’re yawning at? Do you want to go to bed? Am I boring you?’ It was a funny moment. He was the real deal. He was a special person, and I miss him.”

Harry Styles had actually auditioned to play the King of Rock and Roll in the late star’s recent biopic ‘Elvis,’ but he lost it to Austin Butler. The director of the film, Baz Luhrmann, felt that Harry was not quite fit for the role, although he described him as a talented actor. According to Luhrmann, Styles was already an icon, so it could prevent the audience from focusing on the biopic.