Tommy Clufetos Shares How Rob Zombie Reacted To Losing His Drummer To Ozzy Osbourne


The drummer of Ozzy Osbourne and the supergroup The Dead Daisies, Tommy Clufetos unveiled Rob Zombie’s reactions to him after he left his band to play for Ozzy during his appearance on Rocking With Jam Man.

Before he joined Ozzy Osbourne, Clufetos was Rob Zombie’s drummer. Although Osbourne and Zombie were long-time friends and collaborated on different songs,  Osbourne wanted to hire his drummer. When he was offered to play for him, Clufetos made his final decision and started to play for Osbourne. He emphasized that playing for Rob Zombie was great but he couldn’t lose the opportunity to play with Black Sabbath legend.

He stated that he met with Rob Zombie at an event and they didn’t have a problem with what had happened in the past. Although the musicians mostly felt emotional about their works and crafts, Zombie and Clufetos overcame the situation. Rob was cool with both him and Osbourne. 

However, Clufetos said that there wasn’t any problem for Zombie, in a previous interview, Rob Zombie stated that what Ozzy Osbourne did was wrong. and Osbourne’s hiring other people’s musicians was rude. He also mentioned that he didn’t own his musicians and anyone could leave but there must be a more respectful way to do it. However, Clufetos stated that they didn’t have any problem for now and they were cool during his recent interview.

Here’s what Clufetos said:

“In life, you get certain opportunities and you have to make a choice: am I gonna go with this opportunity or am I gonna stay in the situation that I’m in? So when Ozzy called, I had to go in that opportunity.

Sometimes people may get hurt and feelings may get hurt, especially in music, ’cause we’re all emotional people and we love what we do, and it’s not just a business to us — it’s an emotional thing.

Rob was great to me. And was it easy to leave him because I respect him? It wasn’t easy, but it was just something that I had to do for myself. And I’m sure time has passed on with both of us. I’ve spoken to Rob. We actually did one of the last Ozzy gigs on a New Year’s Eve here in Los Angeles at the Forum and I saw Rob, and everything’s totally fine. So there are no hard feelings on either side. It’s just that we love what we do and we’re emotional about our craft. And sometimes feelings come into play and people react. But Rob and I are totally cool, and Ozzy’s totally cool, and it’s all good.”

You can watch the whole episode below.

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