Pink Floyd Fans Walk Out On Roger Waters During Latest Show

Roger Waters recently received criticism after a ‘problematic’ show on Sunday at the London Palladium.

Waters’ gig was billed as a ‘Dark Side of the Moon Redux’ show, but reportedly, the former Pink Floyd bassist arrived 15 minutes late to the stage. Then, instead of starting to play the setlist, he started reading chapters from his upcoming book, ‘Dark Side of the Moon: Memoirs of a Lanky Prick.’

However, after these chapters took longer than expected, the fans, apparently, started to get uneasy. Will Hodgkinson, a music critic who was at the show, even wrote for The Times about why the fans got ‘bored:’

“One story involved a duck that came to live in the family home. Another began promisingly as a memory of Floyd’s original leader, Syd Barrett, but revealed nothing more than that Barrett wrote a lot of songs and had an innocent air about him.”

According to the Daily Mail, after the reading session about his pets took more than twenty minutes and carried on with no interruption, fans started to protest Waters by leaving the show.

Roger’s reaction to the fans’ backlash was, reportedly, a simple ‘f*ck off,’ as the night carried on with the rocker’s planned setlist once his reading session was over.

However, coverage from Brain Damage, a Pink Floyd news resource, claimed that the show was planned as a ‘two parted’ gig, and the bill had clearly stated that the first half would be dedicated to Waters’ reading and the second 50-minute half would be the actual musical show.