Phoebe Bridgers Believes Competitive Streak Fuels Boygenius’ Creativity

In a recent interview with KROQ, Boygenius’ Phoebe Bridgers revealed that she is not one for games, but she also doesn’t shy away from any competition with her bandmates, especially during the creative process of recordings; she explained:

“I’m like so competitive with you all. I’m so competitive, like in recording. I have only harnessed my competition with people for good. I think games kill the vibe, the vibe being literally any vibe.”

When it comes to writing the band’s songs, Phoebe revealed during the interview that she doesn’t mind music theory, even though her bandmate Lucy Dacus pointed out that she has failed the class two times. Bridgers added that the competitor side of her doesn’t like to fail by saying:

“In like a pass or fail situation, yeah, sucks for competition for me, and I think, and I think I get triggered by games in the way that I was horrible at school, you know. Like, I love learning stuff, but on my terms only. You know, I find it hateful in an environment where I must succeed.”

The creative and competitive process also led them to release their first full-length studio album ‘The Record’ this past March. The trio also worked with Kristen Stewart, where she directed a short film titled ‘The Film’ for three of the album’s songs, ’20 Bucks,’ ‘Emily, I’m Sorry,’ and ‘True Blue.’ You can watch the short film below.

You can also watch Boygenius’ interview with KROQ and listen to ‘The Record’ below.