Phil Collins’ Son Nic Thinks Heavy Metal And Jazz Are Terrifying

Musical talent is undoubtedly a natural trait in the Collins family, and the saying ‘like father, like son’ again proves to be right with Nic Collins’ love for drumming. The young rocker recently chatted with Drumeo over a fun drumming session; and discussed comfort zones, finding rock music easy to pick up, and why he considered heavy metal and jazz terrifying.

“I would say my comfort zone is, I mean, anything kind of rock is kind of usually easy to pick up for me,” said Collins while discussing what he feels comfortable playing while sitting behind a drum kit. “I mean, obviously, not prog rock, it has kind of come in a little bit, and I’m pretty good at, like, picking up time signatures; if it’s not time, I could pick that up kind of fast. But if it’s rock, I should be okay, or funk. I would say those are kind of like what I’d be comfortable with.”

The drummer was then asked which genres he felt uncomfortable playing. After giving it some thought, Collins revealed, “I would say, like, really heavy metal music. Just stuff where it’s like, I mean, blasts beats don’t even… I mean, I’ve never attempted a blast beat, but… and jazz, definitely not jazz.”

The genre is clearly a bit challenging for him to play as he called it a ‘nightmare,’ but there were still some exceptions as he has enjoyed playing jazz too. Nic said, “Jazz is a nightmare for me. I mean, if it’s kind of like a, you know, jazzy song like we did the ‘Sussodio,’ Big Band version, that’s okay.”

So, one might say that Phil Collins’ legacy is in safe hands as Nic has a natural talent for drumming and a love for rock music. However, this doesn’t mean he enjoys all genres as long as he is behind the drum kit, as he honestly answered that he found heavy metal and jazz to be nightmares.