Muse’s Dominic Howard Says ‘Kill Or Be Killed’ Is ‘Metal-Sounding’

Muse drummer Dominic Howard recently joined Loudwire Nights hosted by Toni Gonzalez for an interview and stated that the song ‘Kill or Be Killed’ from their new album has a metal-leaning sound.

After four years of break, Muse returned to the rock music scene with their ninth studio album, ‘Will of the People,’ released on August 26, 2022. The band members had revealed before that they wanted to make a combination of their previous sounds by circling around multiple genres in this record. Muse embarked on a world concert tour on April 7, 2022, to support the album, and they will keep touring throughout 2022 and 2023.

The songs like ‘Won’t Stand Down‘ and ‘Kill or Be Killed‘ from the new album stood out with their metal-oriented heavy sounds. In his recent interview, Dominic Howard unveiled that performing these sorts of tracks live is fun for them and then named ‘Kill or Be Killed’ as one of his favorites. While the band first performed it live at the June 4 show of the Will of the People World Tour, it became an essential part of the setlist as it received a great response from the fans.

The drummer thinks that ‘Kill or Be Killed’ definitely has a heavier sound than the works they have produced in recent years. According to Howard, the song is close to the style of ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ from their third studio album, ‘Absolution,’ since it verges on heavy metal. For the drummer, there is no doubt that it is a pretty ‘metal-sounding‘ track. The musician also said that he really enjoyed playing this song live during the summer shows and seeing the fans’ positive reactions.

Dominic Howard’s words on ‘Kill or Be Killed’:

“It’s definitely on the heavier side of anything we’ve kind of touched on in recent years. I feel like it’s matching the heaviness of ‘Stockholm Syndrome.’ For sure, it’s quite metal-sounding, it’s also vintage metal-sounding as well. That’s so fun to play. It’s just one of those tracks that’s got a lot of intensity.

It was really fun to play across the summer and see like, circle pits developing to a song that they don’t even know. I love that, I actually saw a lot this summer. It was so cool just to be playing because we haven’t played in two-and-a-half years. It was just amazing to see audiences enjoying that environment again.”

You can listen to the song below.