Phil Collins’ Son Nic Admits Playing The Genesis Hit Wrong During The Entire Tour

If you’ve been to a show on Genesis’ final tour, you may have heard Nic Collins making some mistakes while playing a hit song of his father’s. The young drummer recently admitted to Drumeo that he played some of the parts of ‘In the Air Tonight’ wrong but added that his father, Phil Collins, didn’t even bother to correct him during the whole tour.

“I couldn’t quite remember exactly how I did it on the road,” the musician recalled about playing the hit track wrong while touring. “But we spoke about it, my instinct going back to it and playing it for the first time in a few years because, like… you know, I don’t go and play that song in my free time. I’ve played it enough times where I don’t need that.”

Nic Collins continued by mentioning how he had asked his father if his playing was correct, to which the Genesis legend made a fun revelation. The drummer recalled, “When I first approached it, I added that extra kick in between the two last floor toms, and when we asked my dad, within a second, he was like, ‘Nope, that’s not the right way to play it.’”

Collins then joked that, unfortunately, the audience who had been to the concerts wouldn’t be receiving refunds. The rocker said, “And it’s like, ‘Well, I would’ve appreciated that before we did a tour for two and a half years or something where I played it every night.’ So, unfortunately, we will not be giving refunds to everybody who showed up to the tour because I played the fill wrong.”

The young drummer replaced his father for the band’s latest tour as Phil’s deteriorating health didn’t let him take his place behind the drums. Nic Collins mostly received positive reactions for his performance while honoring Genesis’ drum parts. Even though he was literally born into drumming and probably grew up listening to his dad’s catalog, he still made a few mistakes while playing, ‘In the Air Tonight.’

So, we might say that Nic did his best to honor his father and Genesis while playing with the band, but he couldn’t help playing the hit song wrong. The funny thing was Phil didn’t bother to correct his son then and only told him that his playing had some faults after the tour ended.