Phil Collins Recalls His Biggest Epiphany

In a recently surfaced interview from his last solo tour, Not Dead Yet Tour, Phil Collins talked about a moment that he considered to be his greatest epiphany.

The singer started his words by listing the musicians he had worked with for many years:

“When I got on the stage every night, and I introduced the band, this guy, Ronnie Caryl, one of my oldest friends, we’ve been playing music for over fifty-five years. And there is Daryl; he’s been forty-plus years with me, forty-plus years with Genesis.

Brad, the keyboardist, has been with me for thirty-plus years. Leland, if you count when we first started playing together on ‘No Jacket,’ or even before. That’s like thirty-five years.”

He went on, describing his biggest epiphany:

“Then, by the time I started finishing the band introductions, I’m thinking, ‘God, all these people… What does the audience think? These guys should be pushing carts around somewhere.’

But there is something that you can’t buy; you can’t get any other way than just playing together and enjoying each other’s company. Let’s face it. Music is meant to be fun. Some people can make it an art form, but it really is entertainment.”

While his last solo tour ended in 2019, Collins continued being on stage with Genesis for three more years. The Last Domino? Tour of the band concluded with a final show on March 26, 2022, in London.

You can watch the full chat below.