Julian Lennon Recalls Preferring AC/DC And Rush To The Beatles

Even if your father is a Beatle, there is a strong chance, especially when you are a teenager, to explore other sounds and bands that are not quite at the same wavelength as the Beatles. John Lennon’s son Julian shared during a recent chat with Jackie Brambles that he was more into AC/DC, Rush, and Led Zeppelin when he was growing up compared to the Beatles’ lighter sound.

“The first gig I ever went to as a teenager was AC/DC with the original Bon Scott,” Julian said and recalled how his interest in rock music started. He noted, “A whole group of us in our teens were bikers, and you know, all leather jackets, long hair, all that kind of stuff, and tensed on the back of our shoulders, we’d go down to gigs, and that was one of them.”

He reminisced about his teenage days, “Then the other one I remember after that was on the eve of my O Levels, and I wasn’t allowed to go out. I wasn’t supposed to go out, but I snuck out the window and went to see Rush. I was heavily into Led Zeppelin and the heavy stuff at that point in time, so I went to see Rush and got to the front row. I don’t know when I got home, but I remember arriving at school and going, ‘What exam are we doing today?’ As you can tell, my interest was high; none of them [my grades] turned out very well at all because I had no interest.”

Even though Julian later turned into a pop-rock artist himself, there was a time when he preferred AC/DC and Rush’s heavier sound and image to the Beatles’ music, which was softer, and the looks were more demure. His taste has evolved over the years, but he will never forget his first AC/DC and Rush gigs that he and his friends rolled up to wrapped in head-to-toe leather.