Frank Bello Responds To Anthrax Fans’ Concerns About Upcoming New Album

Anthrax’s bassist Frank Bello recently addressed fans’ anticipation and concerns regarding the band’s upcoming album in an interview with Rodney McG.

The new album, which is yet to be titled, follows their 2016 release ‘For All Kings.’ Bello shared exciting updates about the recording process, revealing:

“We officially finished drums, bass and guitar, which is great. I know my bass tracks are done, so I’m kind of psyched. Right now, it’s up to… I think Joey’s [Belladonna, Anthrax vocalist] singing his sixth or seventh song; I’m pretty sure on that. Jon Donais [Anthrax guitarist], I think he’s starting his guitars, or maybe he started them already.”

Timeline For The New Album

He continued, reflecting on his hopes of releasing the new record by this year:

“But as far as I know, from what they’re doing, they’re booking it this month or early next month to get back in there and keep it going. Hopefully, at the end of the year, we’ll have an Anthrax record.”

Addressing The Delay

Acknowledging the eight-year gap since their last album, Bello explained the delay was due to the band’s desire to perfect their new material, saying:

“There wasn’t a rush, obviously. I know it’s been eight years since our last record, but we wanna make sure it’s right, and it is [right]. We are very confident. I’m not worried about how right it is. It’s right on exactly where I think and the rest of the band think we need to be.”

Elevating The Complexity

He emphasized their confidence in the album’s direction, noting:

“I love that it’s more complicated for me to play. I love the challenge of that. I think we stepped it up a little bit, the heaviness. Again, everybody’s gonna prop their record. Doing this for so long, this is how I feel.”

Last year, Anthrax’s guitarist, Scott Ian, also opened up about the album’s production, mentioning their work with producer Jay Ruston. Although there’s no release date yet, Ian hinted at a possible completion by the year’s end. He highlighted the album’s riff-centric nature, promising fast and up-tempo material that should excite fans of the band’s earlier work.

Watch his full interview below.