Rob Halford Is Glad That He Wasn’t Discriminated Due To His Sexual Orientation

On the night of November 5, Judas Priest was among the bands finally inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame after their long years of eligibility. Following their performance that stunned the metalheads, the frontman, Rob Halford, took the microphone for the acceptance speech, during which he accentuated the inclusive attitude of the metal community.

“I’m the gay guy in the band,” he said, referring to his sexual orientation. “You see, that’s what heavy metal is all about. We call ourselves a heavy-metal community that is all-inclusive, no matter what your sexual identity, how you look, the color of your skin, or what you believe in. Do it or don’t believe it. Everyone is welcome.”

He continued, “People on the outside looking at the heavy metal kinda look at us, you know, a little bit scared. Please. You’ve seen it here tonight. We’re all about the power, the emotion and the dedication, and the love of heavy metal that we’ve been carrying for 50 heavy metal years.”

He ended his speech by referring to his band’s half-century history and his passion for metal. “We should get out another 50 years, but the joy about music is that it lives forever. And that’s the reason why we’re here. We live for heavy metal. We live for music. And we’re living for the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.”

Rob Halford and other bandmates were on stage, again wearing signature leather costumes and metal chains. They gave an unforgettable performance with their setlist, including ‘You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’,’ ‘Breaking the Law,’ and ‘Living After Midnight.’ This performance was exceptional for them, as their former bandmates KK Downing and Les Binks were also with the band after years.

It was Alice Cooper who called them to the stage. In his speech, Cooper praised the self-proclaimed Metal Gods as one of the definitive figures of the genre. He especially highlighted the frontman, the range of his signature screams, and the emotions he could convey to the audience with these screams. The band was also nominated in 2018 and 2020, but this year, in the category of Musical Excellence, the ‘much deserved and overdue’ induction took place, as Cooper stated.