Genesis’ Tony Banks Says Phil Collins Is Not Able To Do What He Used To Do

During a new interview with Classic Rock, Genesis founding member Tony Banks stated that Phil Collins couldn’t perform as he used to, but he still put a great effort into the band’s farewell shows.

Phil Collins has been struggling with several health problems for an extended period. In 2000, he had a sudden hearing loss in his left ear, which lasted two years. Then, he recovered most of his hearing when he received the proper treatment. Later on, the singer injured vertebrae at the top of his neck while performing, causing him problems ever since.

In 2009, Collins underwent surgery to repair the vertebrae, yet he ultimately lost feeling in his fingertips. This situation made him unable to grip drumsticks easily. His health problems were not over, though. In 2017, the singer fell in his hotel room caused of his foot drop. Due to his current condition, Collins needs to wear orthopedic shoes and use a cane to help him walk and perform on the stage while sitting on a chair.

However, these health problems didn’t prevent the rocker from performing in Genesis’ final ‘The Last Domino? Tour.’ His son Nic Collins joined Genesis on the stage and took over the band’s drumming duties. During a recent interview, Tony Banks opened up about his feelings on their final tour.

The keyboardist said it was terrific, and they got a great response from the audience. Banks stated that Phil Collins could not perform the way he used to but still put a great effort into delivering good performances during the band’s farewell shows. He thinks the people needed to see that they made that effort regardless of their age and health issues.

Tony Banks’ words on the band’s farewell shows and Phil Collins’ performance :

“It’s been great. We’ve had a fantastic response, and the audiences have been very enthusiastic. Obviously, Phil is not able to do what he used to do, but he still puts on a good show. People like the fact that we’ve made that effort. And this is going to be the last time, so I think a lot of people are coming for that reason. The group’s playing well, Nic is a fantastic drummer. It’s a nice way to round it all off.”

Genesis’ ‘The Last Domino? Tour’ was postponed twice due to the coronavirus pandemic. Yet, it finally began in September 2021. The band performed their final show on March 26, 2022, at the 02 Arena in London and ended their career.