Peter Gabriel Shares What Inspired Him After His Genesis Departure

Peter Gabriel recently talked about his upcoming album ‘i/o’ in a new episode of his ‘Full Moon’ series on YouTube. While talking about the record set for release in late 2023, he also mentioned the early days of his solo career. The singer revealed what inspired him during the creation of his first solo album after leaving Genesis in 1975.

He started explaining:

“I’ve been very interested in these sorts of brain-reading experiments. It’s all sort of feeding into this idea that we’re no longer these islands that have our private thoughts that our thoughts are going to get opened. Or at least, perhaps, we will hopefully control when they’re opened up to the outside world because of the sort of lubrication that allows society to move.”

Gabriel delved more into his thoughts and said:

“I think it’s based, in part, on not being able to read what’s going on in other people’s minds. So, unless we get more comfortable with how we really are, which I think is an evolutionary leap a little too high right at the moment, we’re probably going to prefer to stay partly buried in our private worlds.”

Then, he shed light on how these ideas influenced his songwriting in one of the tracks from his debut record:

“Actually, the song I wrote many years ago, ‘Here Comes The Flood,’ was talking about this idea and just seeing if there is – Flood was also the flood of thought of brain connections. In some ways, as in ‘i/o,’ I think we are part of everything and probably have means to connect and communicate with everything that we shut off. You know, we want to shut out the noise of everything else.”

The singer recorded the studio version of ‘Here Comes The Flood’ with producer Bob Ezrin in 1977 but reportedly disliked its sound as it was ‘overproduced.’ So, he re-recorded the song a few times over the years and created one version for Robert Fripp’s 1979 album ‘Exposure.’

Later, Fripp talked about the track in an interview with Jean-Gilles Blum by saying:

“I do not like the first album’s production at all. It is vulgar; it lacks subtlety; it is too American, and, most of all, it totally misses the essence of Peter Gabriel. At the time, Peter thought it was a good thing to do. Today, he admits there are problems. He lacked confidence at the time, and Bob Ezrin gave him some.”

You can listen to the ’79 version of the song and watch Peter Gabriel’s new video below.