Mike Rutherford Recalls The Bittersweet Genesis Farewell With Peter Gabriel

Pioneers of progressive rock, Genesis, are no more as of 2022. They put a full stop to their performances as a band last year, and fans are already missing seeing them onstage and their new creations. This was not just upsetting to fans, but also the band members, as they had emotional moments during their final tour. Recently, Mike Rutherford recalled their farewell show and talked about how bizarre and emotional it was in an interview with Classic Rock.

Genesis released their final studio album in 1997, almost three decades ago, but the band continued to perform after that. With several lineup changes, occasionally disbanding and reuniting, Genesis made it to 2022. The band members, also being friends, were there for each other in their happiest and darkest moments, and when they finally put a full stop to the band in 2022 for good, it was hard to let go.

Mike Rutherford recently spoke about the final tour last year that made Genesis say goodbye to their fans. He stated that the final show felt bizarre because it was weird to keep track of how many songs were left to be played onstage as a band for good. This made the bassist emotional, but then the members went backstage by themselves and said goodbye to each other. The final shows during the final tour enlightened him and Peter Gabriel because they performed at places they hadn’t performed in 30 years, and it was crazy to see the reach they had.

Rutherford said:

“It was nice afterward when everybody, including Peter [Gabriel] and Richard McPhail [tour manager from the seventies], were together in the dressing room. Apart from that, we kept the backstage closed off. But the actual show felt bizarre. I was kind of okay until I saw on my setlist that there were just four songs left. Seeing that in print made me emotional, but having gotten through all of the problems with Covid, it felt very good to see things through.

I tend to forget how much music means to people’s lives. For instance, we did a couple of shows in America in a city we hadn’t played in 30 years and sold out both nights. It proves what a lovely reach Genesis had. There was some sadness, but I thoroughly enjoyed our last tour. It’s always a joy to be onstage with Phil and Tony.”

As the final notes of Genesis’ farewell tour rang out, fans and band members alike were left with a sense of bittersweet closure. All good things must come to an end, and Genesis was no exception. Despite the emotional toll of their final tour, the band members were able to leave behind a legacy that will be remembered for years to come. Genesis inspired generations of music lovers with their innovative sound and unwavering dedication to their craft. As fans look back on the band’s storied career, they can take comfort in the knowledge that the music of Genesis will continue to captivate audiences and stand the test of time.