Brad Arnold Admits 3 Doors Down Has Been ‘Slacking Off’ New Album

iHeart Radio’s Chris Booker asked 3 Doors Down’s Brad Arnold when their next album will hit the shelves. Even though it’s been seven years since their latest album ‘Us And The Night,’ it turns out that the guys just need to get in a studio and make a record. Arnold said:

We’re slacking; we do have a few songs finished. We have a couple that we actually need to that we wrote Greg [Upchurch], and I wrote a couple, and we’ve been playing them on tour a little bit, and we just need to get our butts in the studio and make a record, and there’s really no the explanation for it, except we have been slacking.

We stay on tour a lot, but yeah, but we definitely, I mean, we all live in around Nashville, so we’re not out of reach of the studios, and we need to get our butt in there and make a record.”

In the meantime, the guys are gearing up to kick off their ‘Away From The Sun Anniversary Tour’ to celebrate their sophomore album, ‘Away From The Sun’s’ 20th anniversary. Here’s what Brad said to Live Nation Entertainment about what fans can expect from the show:

“‘Away From The Sun’ has always been a personal favorite of mine because of how much it resonated with our country’s service members. We are so blessed to be able to celebrate these significant milestones because we were very young making these albums, and we still have so much more life to give our fans. The show we are planning will be next level this year.”

You can watch the interview below. You can listen to ‘Away From The Sun’ below.