David Crosby’s Surprising Reaction When Grace Slick Pointed A Gun

Grace Slick loved guns when she was a young and wild woman in the 1960s. When she returned to America after Jefferson Airplane’s European tour, she bought herself a shotgun and fired it from her window over the trees of Golden Gate Park just to enjoy herself. However, guns also got her into trouble — Grace was arrested once in 1994 for pointing an unloaded gun at a police officer, later explaining that the officer came onto her property without giving any proper reason.

Back in the day, Grace Slick and CSNY’s David Crosby were close friends. Crosby had a nickname for Slick, ‘the Chrome Nun,’ which the singer used in the title of her 1973 collaborative album. In that album, the two also collaborated on a song titled ‘The Ballad of the Chrome Nun.’ Years later, in 2021, David Crosby called Grace Slick ‘the queen of rock and a ceiling-shattering feminist counterculture icon,’ even though she had retired from the music scene long ago.

Sadly, David Crosby passed away this year on January 18 at the age of 81. Following his passing, Grace Slick paid tribute to him by saying that Crosby had saved her life by taking her into rehab. Showing remorse for not being able to save him, she said she would miss the CSNY icon a lot. Although the two had a strong friendship bond that lasted so many years, one still doesn’t expect Crosby to act cool with a gun pointed at his face by Slick. However, it turns out that he even praised her for doing that.

According to a tweet Grace Slick posted in 2021, she talked about the incident in a past interview. She recalled that she thought an intruder had broken into her house, so she went upstairs with her gun aimed at the door. However, she found out that the ‘intruder’ was nobody but David Crosby. As Slick recalled, Crosby walked into her house without showing any signs of concern and told her she was a good girl. Surprised by the musician’s reaction, Slick told Crosby she was on the brink of blowing his head off.

Grace Slick’s tweet read:

“In an interview, Grace shared how her home had been broken into: ‘I went upstairs… with the gun aimed at the door. And David Crosby walks in… But Crosby was real cool. He said: ‘Good girl.’ I said: ‘I damn near blew your head off! Whatta you mean, good girl?’

When Rhino Records’ Twitter saw Slick’s tweet, they tagged David Crosby and asked him why he gave this reaction. Crosby then responded by saying that he was in awe of Slick’s bravery, although he knew the singer was scared at that point.

Explaining his reaction, David Crosby said the following:

“She was scared but brave.”

So, David Crosby told Grace Slick she was a good girl because he saw the bravery in her eyes despite looking terrified on the outside. Apparently, he believed that Grace could shoot somebody else if she felt threatened. Considering that the ‘White Rabbit’ singer also pointed a gun toward a police officer and got arrested for it, it’s safe to say that Crosby was right about Slick’s bravery.