Corey Taylor Recalls Playing Alice In Chains Songs With Jerry Cantrell, ‘The Highlight Of My Life’

Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor recently joined The Eric Zane Show for an interview and said sharing the same stage with Jerry Cantrell to play Alice in Chains songs was the highlight of his life.

Jerry Cantrell formed Alice in Chains in 1987, and he has played with the band ever since. Apart from his career with the band, Cantrell also pursued a solo career and made several guest appearances with other artists, including the supergroup Camp Freddy.

Camp Freddy is a cover band featuring Dave Navarro, Matt Sorum, Chad Smith, and Billy Morrison. Cantrell performed with the band for the first time on January 19, 2004, at The Sundance Film Festival. He then continued to appear with Camp Freddy on the stage, and they even inspired Cantrell to form his cover band.

Speaking to The Eric Zane Show, Corey Taylor revealed his favorite cover song. He said this is hard because he loves doing covers and acoustic versions of the right pieces in front of the right audience. Taylor then revealed that one of his favorites is Alice In Chains’ song ‘Would?.’

Moreover, Corey Taylor remembered when he had a chance to play ‘Would?’ with Jerry Cantrell during a Camp Freddy show. He then described this performance as the highlight of his life because he realized this was the best moment when Cantrell decided to jump up and play the song.

Asked about his favorite cover song of all time, Corey Taylor said the following:

“That’s tough, man, because I am a rabid lover of doing covers and whatnot, especially in the right song and the right register; you’re not singing outside of it, and you get the right group of people or doing a cool acoustic version of one of them. I’m hard-pressed to pick one. I will say one of my favorite songs of all time is ‘Would?’ by Alice In Chains.

I got to play that with Jerry Cantrell one night at a Camp Freddy show many, many moons ago. And it was probably the highlight of my life. Because he wasn’t even going to play, some people talked him into jumping up and playing it. And I was, like, ‘Woo! This is my moment.’ It’s still one of my favorite, favorite moments.”

Below, you can watch the rest of the interview and Corey Taylor and Jerry Cantrell’s performance.