Peter Gabriel Recalls Making Himself Vulnerable In Front Of His Fans

Peter Gabriel recently turned to Twitter, offering a heartfelt account of his experiences on stage. The former Genesis frontman’s disclosure painted a picture of his vulnerability during performances, and talked about the deep trust he had in his audience.

This disclosure came in the form of a shared video that visibly captured Gabriel’s fearless leap into the audience, who would then carry him around the venue. Gabriel described the act as powerful and symbolic, and he revealed that this daring move was not just a spontaneous one-off occurrence.

It was a recurring part of his performances where the band would have to continue playing until the moment he was safely returned to the stage. The video he posted showed him vulnerable and trusting of the fans and his words made the amount of faith he has on fans certain.

In his own words, Gabriel stated:

“It was a powerful, symbolic act that allowed me to make myself vulnerable, and trust the audience. Sometimes I’d be passed all the way around the venue and all the time the band would have to keep playing ‘Lay Your Hands on Me,’ it was a ritualistic moment in the show.”

Peter Gabriel’s remarkable career began when he skyrocketed to fame as the original lead singer of Genesis. After leaving Genesis in 1975, Gabriel embarked on a successful solo career, remaining a pivotal figure in the music industry. Genesis, his original band, disbanded without him in 2022.