Peter Frampton Announces New Tour After Calling It Quits Four Years Ago

Peter Frampton, the all-time guitar legend, recently announced a new U.S. tour after signaling that he would smooth sail into retirement, but what can we say? It’s quite average for your usual rockers to have at least two farewell tours in their careers.

Frampton is not the only one who returned to the stages after embarking on a farewell tour. From KISS to Mötley Crüe, many rockers have had that phase where they announced farewell tours, went through it by promising fans that those shows would be their last appearances, and then carried on as if nothing happened.

The Humble Pie icon surely went through that phase a few years ago by promising his audience that he would retire from touring since his health struggles made it tough for him to handle his guitar and play live for long durations, and even the recent selling of his entire musical catalog signaled that a full retirement was on its way.

However, it seems like he feels better again or simply feels bored with his life as a retiree and decided to embark on a U.S. tour that will start in mid-June and wrap up in mid-August, lasting all summer throughout different states. Peter also ironically titled his latest tour, ‘Never Say Never,’ while discussing how he would always utter the mantra after every show of his farewell tour.

The guitar hero’s words on announcing a new tour:

“[At] the end of every ‘Finale Tour’ show, I did say, ‘Never Say Never,’ and I am always full of hope for the impossible I’m very pleased to let you know that I am feeling strong and my fingers are still roaming the fretboard. Every note I play now has more meaning and soul.

I love playing live, and this fighter wants to stay in the ring for as long as he can. I’m so happy to be able to see you all one more time this summer.”

Well, as Frampton’s getting ready to tour all around the States for two months, you might want to go and check out his first tour in four years and understand the importance of what it means to never say never… I mean, that should be every rocker’s everyday mantra.