Klaus Meine Says Touring With Scorpions Is David Coverdale’s Favorite

In an interview to talk about their current tour, Scorpions vocalist Klaus Meine spoke about touring with Whitesnake and stated that they are looking forward to hanging out with David Coverdale, who immensely enjoys touring with Scorpions as well.

Scorpions had the longest gap in their career after releasing their 18th studio album ‘Return to Forever’ in 2015. They finally delighted their fans by releasing ‘Rock Believer’ in February 2022, making it the first album to feature the band’s new drummer Mikkey Dee who replaced James Kottak, who left in 2016.

The band decided to follow the album up with the Rock Believer World Tour, and they are performing with Whitesnake and Thundermother. Whitesnake members are friends with the Scorpions members as they signed on a fantastic tour together in 2020, which was halted by the pandemic.

Recently, Scorpions attended an interview and talked about their Rock Believer Tour. The band’s vocalist, Klaus Meine, stated that they are excited to reunite with Whitesnake, especially David Coverdale. Meine continued to say that their 2020 tour together was Coverdale’s favorite tour. The interviewer asked whether they would have any surprises on the stage for the sake of reuniting, but the band didn’t clarify any stunts.

Here is what Meine stated about Whitesnake:

“Whitesnake has always been good friends, fantastic people. We’ve been friends with David Coverdale for so many years. It’s great for this tour. I think it’s David’s favorite tour and what Mikkey just said when we stopped touring 2020. We were on tour with Whitesnake in Australia. So, it’s great to be back together with David and the guys again. Of course, Thundermother is a young heavy metal band. It’s gotta be a good and very powerful package. That means going on stage as a third act, and you have to give it all.”

You can watch the interview below.