Pearl Jam Releases New Song Written By Eddie Vedder Sung By His Daughter Olivia Vedder

The official Twitter account of Pearl Jam shared a post announcing a brand new song named ‘My Father’s Daughter’ for the upcoming film ‘Flag Day,’ which stars another father-daughter pair. The song was written by lead singer Eddie Vedder and marked the musical debut of his daughter Olivia Vedder.

As some of you might know, Eddie Vedder had been dating model Jill McCormick since 2000. On September 18, 2010, the couple got married and welcomed their first child, a daughter named Olivia, in 2004 and their second daughter, Harper, in 2008.

While some of the rockers’ children have followed their parents’ footsteps and made a name in the music industry, Pearl Jam singer’s children had been in hiding until now. Since the 17-year-old Olivia is now old enough to make music, her recent release wasn’t surprising to many fans.

Recently, Pearl Jam shared a post on its official Twitter page announcing a brand new track named ‘My Father’s Daughter.’ The song was recorded for the upcoming movie ‘Flag Day,’ which entails the relationship between a father and his daughter, and the track itself is a perfect match. Eddie Vedder and famous lyricist Glen Hansard wrote the brand new song, yet it wasn’t the lead singer who performed the track.

The band decided that Olivia Vedder would be the right vocalist, which seems appropriate considering the song and the movie’s theme. The song marks Olivia’s musical debut, and it’s safe to say that she sounds incredible. Many fans left comments under the music video that includes footage from the movie, praised Olivia’s vocals, and resembled them to her father’s.

Pearl Jam made the announcement like this:

“’My Father’s Daughter’ from the upcoming film, ‘Flag Day,’ sung by Olivia Vedder and written by Glen Hansard and Eddie Vedder.”

You can see the Twitter post and watch the music video for ‘My Father’s Daughter’ below.