Paul Stanley’s Sister Calls Him An ‘Opportunistic Self-Serving Bastard’

After the news about Paul Stanley‘s 101-year-old father’s death became public last week, the KISS icon’s sister, Julia Eisen, made a scandalous comment through her Facebook account and accused Stanley of using their family for money.

Paul Stanley’s father, William Eisen, recently passed away, giving the rockstar a deep sorrow. His parents, especially William, highly supported the musician during his journey as KISS’ Starchild. William supported and loved Paul’s music, which Stanley mentioned when he shared a mourning post with a photo of him and his father.

However, according to recent news, his family dynamics weren’t as undramatic and straightforward as they seemed. Paul has another sibling, a sister named Julia, who is two years younger than him. One would think that the small age difference would make them best friends and inseparable, yet, Julia recently publicly accused Stanley of taking advantage of his family and stated that she hopes he goes to Hell.

Sharing the news of her father’s death with an article featuring Paul, Julia stated that her brother was taking advantage of their family for his career and claimed that he doesn’t actually care about William. She continued to say that she wasn’t aware of her father’s passing until she called the hospital herself since Stanley decided not to inform her. She also accused Stanley of ‘poisoning’ their father against her and angrily stated that she hopes he goes to Hell.

Here is how Julia expressed her frustration towards Paul Stanley:

“My brother Paul Stanley has always been an opportunistic, self-serving bastard. He slandered our entire family in his epic sob story ‘Face the Music’ and was recently quoted as saying that he ‘Didn’t care if my father died.’ My father, William Eisen, with whom I was very close, passed away yesterday at 12:19.

I was not informed of this, however, until 6:00 pm, when I called the hospital, because my brother failed to inform me. He also tried to poison my father against me, telling him that I planned on ripping him off for lots of money! I hope he goes to Hell.

Being a public figure can lead to anyone commenting on your private affairs, and the Starchild’s fans rushed to defend him and express their anger towards Julia. They discussed the singer’s family matters under the Facebook post and stated that Julia shouldn’t have publicized such details. They claimed that she is just looking for chaos and problems as she would have known about her father’s death if she had been there for him like Stanley was.