Paul Stanley Seeks Help For The People Living On The Streets By Choice

Paul Stanley recently tweeted on his official Twitter account to raise awareness for people living on the streets of their own will and stressed the importance of respecting everyone’s freedom and safety.

KISS’s influence, especially Paul Staley’s, is not limited to just their music. Stanley doesn’t shy away from sharing his views on controversial issues throughout his career. His most recent criticism was against biased reporting, as he believes that picking sides has become prominent in mainstream media outlets, especially in the past few years.

So it’s not surprising that the KISS icon decided to share his opinions on another controversial issue; the homeless. This issue of homeless people has been one of the hottest topics, especially in L.A. It has recently been debated in news outlets as to whether hotels should provide empty rooms to the homeless by 2024.

Stanley tweeted that a solution must be found for people living on the streets by their choice. He stressed that we can’t disregard the people who are struggling mentally, drug addicts, and victims of misfortune and trauma because they exercise their right to live wherever they want, but sometimes create safety issues for those living in residences or staying at a hotel.

The Starchild’s tweet said the following:

We DO need a solution to people living on the streets BY CHOICE, those mentally ill, drug addicts, victims of misfortune… But NOBODY should live in fear for safety & health because of another’s ‘right’ to set up tents near residences or be housed in a hotel. That’s EVERYONE’S right.”

He added:

“More, there are many reasons for homelessness; people who choose not to be housed, drug addiction, mental illness, trauma, misfortune, and more. We need solutions based on defining EVERYONE’S ‘rights’ under specific circumstances. In this case, where do your rights begin and end?”

You can see the tweets below.