Ted Nugent Cancels 2021 Tour, Fans Suspect An ‘Internal Family Issue’

Rock musician and outspoken conservative political activist Ted Nugent recently posted a message on his Facebook account and said that his ‘damn tour’ has been canceled once again this year and this increased his fans’ concerns as some got the idea that there may be something wrong in his family.

As you might remember, in mid-April, Nugent dropped a bombshell when he informed his fans during a live stream that he had tested positive for Covid-19. His family had advised him not to make this announcement as he had performed maskless in front of hundreds of people just some days before his diagnosis.

Some months ago, the rockstar had excited his fans after announcing that he’s going to tour the United States during the summer, starting from Texas on July 30. However, in mid-May, he’d stated that he’s canceling the tour as restricted attendance means half of the income and that he doesn’t want to pay his crew half the money they deserve.

However, after that, the US tour was back on the table and this situation led to a lot of confusion. Recently, Nugent posted a message on his Facebook account and made it clear that ‘the damn tour is canceled again this year‘ but thanked his fans for their unending love. Nonetheless, there was a curious fan who questioned why he’s canceling the tour when all other bands are moving forward.

Ted Nugent expressed his frustration in his recent Facebook post using the following words:

The damn tour is canceled again this year, but believe it or not, I still have a great dangerzone intimacy with real music-lovers and Great Americans on this crazy cameo technology! Thank you everybody for inviting me into your inner family circle! Happy summertime klstrfk21!”

To which a fan responded:

“Considering how things are currently, and that this goes against the current re-opening trend… something doesn’t smell right. How’s everyone’s health? I sense an internal issue of some kind. Ted, I hope all is well.”

And Ted Nugent replied:

“I am as healthy as ever thank you very much.”

Ted Nugent’s response considering the well-being of himself and his family convinced most of his fans. However, they were many who couldn’t hide their sadness and disappointment as they had been excitedly waiting to reunite with their favorite rockstar.