Neal Schon On Steve Perry’s Attack Against Journey, ‘No Need To Hide’

Journey guitarist Neal Schon talked about the band’s former lead singer Steve Perry‘s lawsuit against Journey in his recent tweets and clarified the misconceptions about the hot issue.

Last month, Steve Perry filed a petition against his former bandmates Neal Schon and Jonathan Cain to cancel the trademark registrations of 20 Journey tracks. The petition claimed that, according to an earlier deal, these kinds of agreements needed to be made with the consent of all members. So, Perry wanted to prevent Schon and Cain from enabling the merchandise usage of the band’s work.

Following Perry’s attack on Journey, Neal Schon broke his silence and said that they wanted to protect the band’s rights with that agreement by registering for a trademark. So, it was necessary to secure the band’s financial sources. A few days later, Schon again blamed Steve Perry for acting out of jealousy while taking legal action against the band.

It looks like the issue will continue to occupy the headlines in the coming days since Neal Schon goes ahead with his statements about it on his official Twitter account. When a user wrote that we hear just one side of it because Perry doesn’t talk about it, the guitarist responded by saying that he’s telling the truth without hiding behind somebody else.

Then, another user recalled the 2020 lawsuit brought by Neal Schon and Jonathan Cain against Ross Valory and Steve Smith. The suit claimed that Valory and Smith had held a shareholder meeting to oust Cain and Schon from using the band’s rights, and Steve Perry was also there to support Valory and Smith. The user claimed Perry sent a proxy to secure his rights, but Schon claimed that Perry verbally sided with Valory and Smith.

The same user then argued that Perry filed a lawsuit against his former bandmates since he didn’t want the song titles to be trademarked without his consent. The singer appeared as the lone songwriter in some of the songs listed in his petition. Yet, Neal Schon responded by saying that songwriting and trademark titles are unrelated, which is another misinformation.

A user said the following:

“I swear Neal is trying to goad Steve into responding.. he doesn’t respond to this stuff ever. There’s always a good reason for what’s happening, but hearing only one side of it, how can anyone pass judgment?”

To which Schon responded by saying:

“I respond because I speak the truth. No need to hide behind someone else.”

Another user wrote:

“Herbie Herbert was a nightmare shareholder, and all six shareholders were invited to the 2020 meeting. Perry sent Tim Jorstad as a proxy to protect his interests but otherwise didn’t show (thus again proving that ‘The Real Music Observer’ has no idea what he’s talking about).”

And Neal Schon responded:

“You are 100% incorrect. I was on the call. Steve P verbally voted with Ross Smith and Herbie. Not sure whom you’re getting your information from, but it is 100% incorrect.”

Someone else noted:

“Perry’s latest filing isn’t about merch, specifically. He’s contesting the trademarking of the song titles without his consent and the consent of the third party to whom, he states, NS and JC sold their rights to the songs. Of course, the titles might be used on merch.”

Neal Schon replied by saying:

“Again, songwriting and trademark titles have nothing to do with each other. Google it and get educated, please.”

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