Paul Stanley Regrets His Words About Bob Ezrin In KISS Documentary

KISS’s Paul Stanley recently posted a tweet on his Twitter account and expressed his regrets considering the way he described their former producer Bob Ezrin while apologizing for his insensitive stance against an important issue.

KISS is without a doubt one of the most well-known and successful bands in the history of rock. Aside from their music, the band is also often praised for its members, in specific Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, as they are very vocal about social and political issues and always do their best to raise awareness.

However, just like everyone, they too sometimes make mistakes. In a recent tweet, Stanley expressed his regret after he misspoke about their producer’s battle with addiction and apologized to their fans for his insensitive words which play into the hurt and stigma that already exists around this issue.

During the recently released KISS biopic, when asked about Bob Ezrin, Stanley described him as a ‘functioning addict‘ while speaking about the time they were recording ‘Destroyer.’ Numerous people took offense and warned Stanley about his mistake. Following that, he said ‘the impact of the word was lost on me‘ and sincerely apologized to all his fans.

Paul Stanley expressed his sadness using the following words:

Words Hurt. In our documentary, I spoke of my dear friend Bob Ezrin as a ‘functioning addict’ while we made ‘Destroyer.’ The impact of that word was lost on me. Although not intended, the hurt & stigma attached is far-reaching. That statement was inaccurate, not true and I misspoke.”

You can check out the tweet below.