Paul Stanley Has An Idea For Who Will Play Him And Gene Simmons In KISS Movie

Paul Stanley recently posted a tweet in which he implied that he has an idea about who will play him and Gene Simmons in the upcoming KISS movie ‘Shout It Out Loud.’

KISS previously screened their progress in the rock music scene and how they became one of the most renowned rock bands around the world with a documentary. They named the documentary ‘Biography: KISStory,’ and it aired in two parts on June 27 and 28.

Recently, KISS manager Doc McGee announced a new KISS biopic titled ‘Shout It Out Loud.’ He then said that its script will be about the first four years of KISS. Moreover, McGee stated that the biopic will be an interesting look at the band’s formation and how they became so famous. According to Paul Stanley, the biopic focuses on how it all started with KISS, and he excited the fans by saying its’ casting and other announcements are expected before the end of the year.

For ‘Shout It Out Loud,’ the band partnered with Netflix. There will be a theatrical release, but the biopic will later appear on Netflix as well. It will be directed by Joachim Ronning and will be made with Simmons’ and Stanley’s contributions. Nevertheless, it seems the musician already has something in his mind about who will play him and Simmons in the movie.

In a recent tweet, Commentary author Abe Greenwald included a photo of two actors from the series ‘Acapulco.’ He also said that he thinks these actors would grow up to be Stanley and Simmons as they quite resemble the KISS icons. Following that, Stanley quoted this tweet and confirmed the resemblance. He then implied that these actors would be a fit to play them in the movie.

Abe Greenwald’s tweet read:

“Watching Acapulco on Apple TV. I think the kids in it grow up to be Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons.”

Paul Stanley then quoted this and tweeted:

“Ha! Ha! Not too far off! Who do all of you think would play us in a movie?”

You can check out both of the tweets below.