Paul Stanley Explains How KISS Stage Performances Damaged His Body Over The Years

KISS frontman, co-founder, and co-lead guitarist, Paul Stanley talked about the injuries and the surgeries that he had over years because of the stage performance of the band during his appearance in SiriusXM’s Jim & Sam Video Interviews.

KISS has always been famous for its extraordinary and shocking live performances such as blood-spitting, firebreathing, smoking guitars, shooting rockets, levitating drum kits, and pyrotechnics. As his Starchild persona in KISS, Stanley has been taking part in all of these iconic shows of the band for almost forty years.

As time goes by, it became harder and harder to perform such kinds of shows which were full of physically challenging shows for the band members. Paul Stanley shared his injuries that he got because of his KISS-related activities with the fans during the interview.

Due to these injuries in his knees, rotator cuffs, bicep tendon, and hips, he had many orthopedical surgeries over the years. He said that doctors reminded him of his age and his physical capacity and warned him against future irreversible damages to his body if he continued to give concerts like that. But, Stanley highlighted that he was ready for the new shows. As you know, KISS announced that their final ‘End of the Rock World Tour’ will continue in the summer of 2021.

Here’s what he stated:

“Both my rotator cuffs have been repaired. I popped my bicep tendon about a year and a half ago and that had to be surgically repaired. I’ve torn the cartilage in both my knees, and that’s been taken care of. I’ve had a hip replacement. But modern medicine and science, God bless it. I’m good for another 50 thousand miles. And whether genetics play a part in it too. My dad just turned 101 in early April. And I don’t mean he’s some guy who doesn’t know where he is or who he is. He could have this same conversation with you. God bless him. I hope those genes don’t skip a generation.”

He went on:

“Most of my doctor friends, my orthopedic surgeons say, ‘There’s no 60-year-old, there’s no 50-year-old basketball players, football players, and you’re up there on stage running around with 40 pounds of gear, running back and forth and jumping up in the air, and your body will betray you at some point.'”

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