Yungblud Shares The Advice Ozzy Osbourne Gave Him

Yungblud recently spoke to NME and opened up about his latest collaboration with Black Sabbath icon Ozzy Osbourne for one of his works. The musician stated that Osbourne gave him a piece of very precious and vital advice that he should follow throughout his musical journey.

Yungblud released his second studio album, ‘Weird!,’ on December 4, 2020, and initially, he planned to share it earlier but had to reschedule it because of the COVID-19 outbreak. Shortly after its release, the musician started to work on his follow-up work, which seemed more outstanding and distinctive than the other ones. The upcoming self-titled third record will be dropped on September 2, 2022, which the fans have been looking forward to hearing.

Before the release, Yungblud shared the lead single ‘The Funeral’ from the record on March 11, 2022, and then the second track, ‘Memories’ with Willow, on May 6, 2022. Also, the official music video for ‘The Funeral’ drew significant attention from metalheads, critics, and music journalists, mainly thanks to Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne’s guest appearances on it, so millions of fans and followers viewed with on Youtube.

The young musician, who had a chance to spend time with the iconic metal singer, criticized some people who thought Osbourne’s time was over. He highlighted that the singer is a brilliant and fantastic person and not scary despite his longtime image as ‘Prince of Darkness.’ According to Yungblud, it’s impossible to fear Osbourne after talking with him. Then, the singer said Osbourne advised him not to apologize for being himself because people would understand later.

Yungblud stated in his interview that:

“People think Ozzy is gone, but he’s not. He’s so intelligent and so beautiful. People are scared of him until they hear him speak. He said that he saw a lot of himself in me. He said, ‘Never apologize for anything. They will understand later. Time always tells.'”

You can watch the video below.