Paul Stanley Doesn’t Want To Replicate KISS

In a new interview with Ultimate Classic Rock, Kiss rocker Paul Stanley revealed he doesn’t want to replicate Kiss.

In the interview, he was questioned about the possibility of collaborating with another band and, if he were to do so, whether he would consider revisiting the Kiss catalog to perform a few songs. As it appears, Stanley does not want to do anything that replicates his former band. He replied:

“I don’t want to try to replicate Kiss. That is what it is. And it’s so special and unique that it can only fail. If the idea is to duplicate that, that doesn’t have any appeal to me. I guess I would have to figure, what does appeal to me? That’s still up in the air. Certainly, at this point — and it always has been the case — it has to come down to, what makes me happy? If it doesn’t make me happy, the happiness it might bring somebody else is going to be hollow for me.”

Does Ace Frehley Think Of Forming A Band With Kiss Members?

In December 2023, Kiss came to an end. After they announced retirement, the band made a new statement about making shows with avatars to let the band’s legacy remain. With that, Ace Frehley was asked in an interview whether or not he would consider forming a band with his former bandmates. He revealed:

“I don’t particularly see that happening in the future. I kind of like to run my own show and have my own band. Because think about it – how many solo albums do I have out? And I also do some KISS favorites when I perform. So, it would be really tough to work with other guitar players who also have songs that they’ve written. There wouldn’t be enough time – it would be a three-hour show.”

There Is More Freedom For Stanley

After retiring from Kiss, Stanley has been busy with a new project: Painting. His assortment includes unique paintings, hand-painted Paul Stanley Ibanez guitars, mixed media originals, and exclusive art pieces showcasing inventive metal designs.

Since then, the rocker has been feeling, in his words, more free. While discussing freedom during the same interview, the rocker went on to mention the Led Zeppelin rocker Robert Plant while clarifying that even musical freedom can bother some fans:

“I think what becomes most important is to have not only the freedom, but accept the freedom to do it your way. In other words, I’m sure there are fans that are disappointed with what Robert Plant does. But to his credit, he’s doing what he enjoys. It has its audience that understands that he’s not replicating Led Zeppelin, nor could he — any more than Wilt Chamberlain could go on the court and shoot like he once did. It’s physically impossible.”

As a musician, it is not easy to make everyone happy, and Stanley is well aware of it. He added:

“The idea of playing is appealing, you just have to realize that everyone won’t be happy with what you do. But if you’re happy, you’ll find other people. If something appeals to you and it fills a need in you, it will fill a need in someone else. Then, it’s just a matter of the scale.”

As it appears from Stanley’s words, no new project will come near what Kiss had been.