Paul Stanley Accidentally Shares The Leaked Soul Station Single But He Had To Remove It Soon Later

KISS icon Paul Stanley has taken his Twitter account to clarify why the new single of his side band Soul Station, ‘I, Oh I,’ was deleted soon after its release and revealed that it was actually leaked long before its official release date.

As you may remember, the co-founder and lead singer of KISS, Paul Stanley has been working on his side project, Soul Station, which is a band aims to pay tribute to ‘the greatest artists and songs from the R&B and soul catalog.’ The band has been working on their much-anticipated new album, ‘Now and Then,’ which is planned to be released on March 5, 2021. Earlier this year, Soul Station released the first single of their upcoming album, ‘O-O-H Child.’

Earlier today, a brand new single of Soul Station titled ‘I, Oh I’ was released on Youtube and the frontman of the band, Paul Stanley, reacted to the release showing how excited he was about it. However, eight hours after the release, the new single of Soul Station was removed from Youtube. Stanley shared a tweet to clarify the situation and confirmed that ‘I, Oh I’ was leaked before its official release date.

In his tweet, Paul apologized from the fans for the misunderstanding that he also didn’t realize until it was late. He mentioned that the new song wasn’t supposed to be released until March 5, 2021, yet Stanley stated he hoped his fans enjoyed the song from the short-lived sneak peek.

Here is what Paul Stanley wrote in his tweet about the leaked Soul Station song:

“SORRY!! That Soul Station song wasn’t supposed to be released until March 5th!! Somebody put it up and I followed! Hope you enjoyed the sneak peek!!!!”

You can see the tweet Paul Stanley posted on Twitter and watch the music video of Soul Station’s ‘O-O-H Child’ on Youtube below.