Brian Welch Explains How He Managed To Stay Sane During The Pandemic


During a recent appearance on Revolver Magazine, Korn guitarist Brian Head Welch talked about how he managed to keep his mental health during the lockdown restrictions.

Last year, most people started to struggle due to a coronavirus outbreak and most of them lost their jobs as they faced economic problems. Also, there are lots of people who faced psychological problems due to self-quarantine for a year.

In the conversation, Brian revealed how he has been managing to keep his mental health safe by saying that patience is the key to overcome these tough times and showing the importance of knowing yourself.

However, you need to dig deep within yourself and do whatever you need to do to find the strength that allows you to stand during the self-quarantine days, and that’s the reason why he is pretty okay with the situation.

Here is what Brian Head Welch said:

“I think all of this that we’re going through is like a reset for us. And if we can hold on and be patient — I know everyone’s been patient, waiting for this to go away. But I don’t think it’s gonna be much longer. Hopefully by summer, it’s just gonna start opening and whatnot.

Patience is such a virtue — it really is. It may be a cliché, but it’s really true. And so just dig deep within yourself and do whatever you have to do to find that strength.”

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