Paul Simon On Whether He Resents Art Garfunkel For Simon And Garfunkel Split

Paul Simon recently admitted whether he was bitter against Art Garfunkel over their split in 1970 while speaking with Howard Stern.

The rocker was discussing his solo career when the topic of Simon and Garfunkel’s breakup resurfaced. Still, Simon didn’t seem bothered, as he explained whether he resented Garfunkel for ending their partnership:

“It wasn’t Artie’s fault… We were in the midst of making ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ and [‘Catch-22’] was interrupting, and Simon & Garfunkel were at their peak…. From ‘The Graduate’ to ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water,’ we were probably as big as the Beatles.”

He continued by further detailing the friction the two had during their time in the studio:

“What was going on in the studio though was a real tug of war about taste and how to do it We were friends since we were 12 years old, but our musical inclinations are quite different and the disagreements could be you know, real arguments that could stop a session cold.”

The singer added, stating why their breakup might be destined:

“We would’ve broken up anyway. Duos don’t stay together.”

The duo’s breakup in 1970 ended their longtime collaboration which had started in 1956. Then, they went their separate ways with solo careers, and Simon, despite his struggle with hearing loss, released his latest solo album on May 19.