Paul McCartney Names The Songs He Wishes He’d Written


The Beatles icon Paul McCartney made an appearance on B&N CEO James Daunt for an interview. During the conversation, Paul was asked to name the greatest pop songs ever written and he revealed the songs which he wishes he’d written.

Although Paul McCartney is mostly known for his tremendous success with The Beatles, he has also pursued a productive solo career after the band’s disbandment. He has released eighteen solo albums so far, which marks his inexhaustible energy for the music. His latest studio album, ‘McCartney III,’ was released on December 18, 2020, as a succession of the albums ‘McCartney’ and ‘McCartney II.’

On April 16, 2021, McCartney released also a remix album for his latest studio album, which features many great artists. It is obvious from the songs he wrote that McCartney has a good relationship with the words. And, he recently released a book named ‘The Lyrics,’ which dips in his personal archive. In the book, McCartney chronologically provides an insight into the songs’ lyrics and gives details about their origins.

As he is good with the lyrics, it wouldn’t be surprising to hear that McCartney had a difficult time deciding on the greatest songs ever written. During the conversation, he was asked about it and he directly mentioned Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, and The Beach Boys. Despite his uncertainty, McCartney still named a song, which is ‘God Only Knows’ from The Beach Boys, he wishes he had written.

Here is McCartney’s answer to the greatest songs ever written:

“Oh, there are a lot. I think Paul Simon has written some amazing songs. I wouldn’t want to just say one of them but he’s certainly written some great stuff. Bob Dylan has written some great stuff. I think there’s a lot of great songs that weren’t written by me or us. And those two people I have mentioned – Paul Simon, particularly, Dylan, I think Neil Young has come up with some classics, Beach Boys, ‘God Only Knows,’ I think that’s a great classic.

And in a way, I could say I wish I’d written them, but I’ve written enough. I’ve got enough to go on with. But yeah, there are some great writers and artists out there. And I love to feel that when I’m writing something here, they’re writing something there, and you get a little bit of rivalry going.

We had a big rivalry with The Beach Boys, I suppose I had a little one with Paul Simon, that is good. I had one a rivalry with John – if he’d write a good one, I’d go, ‘Oh god, I better write something better!’ So that’s good, a little bit of competition’s a good thing. But yeah, I would think there are lots of classic songs that you need to give me three hours and I’d write you a very long list.”

You can watch the entire interview below.