Paramore Singer Hayley Williams Sings ‘Teardrop’ From Massive Attack – Listen Here

Paramore frontwoman Hayley Williams posted a tweet on Twitter to surprise the fans with her recently released cover of Massive Attack‘s ‘Teardrop’ as a part of her project to support the LGBTQ+ community.

As you may recall, ‘Tear Drop’ was released by Massive Attack back in 1998 within their third studio album titled ‘Mezzanine.’ Even though the song was planned to feature the vocals of Madonna, the band later decided to work with Elizabeth Fraser who also wrote the lyrics.

Since the release of Paramore’s fifth studio album, ‘After Laughter,’ back in 2017, their fans have been desperately waiting for a new album to be released. Earlier in 2020, their lead singer Hayley Williams announced that they are working on the sixth studio album and revealed that this time, the band will be returning to their pop punk roots.

Recently on Twitter, Williams posted a tweet to surprise her fans with an uxpected release of her cover of Massive Attack’s song, ‘Teardrop.’ In her announcement, Hayley mentioned that she covered ‘Teardrop’ as a part of her project to benefit The Ally Coalition, which is an organization working with brands and bands to support LGBTQ+ youth and the centers that serve them. Williams also stated that she actually produced the album herself and invited fans to take a look at her new cover which is available on all streaming platforms.

Here is how Hayley Williams announced her latest release:

“Surpriseeee! just released my cover of ‘Teardrop’ from The Ally Coalition benefit. Produced by me. Out now on all streaming platforms.

You can see the tweet Hayley Williams posted on Twitter and listened to her cover of ‘Teardrop’ below.