Justin Hawkins Explains What He Loves About Yngwie Malmsteen

From one guitarist to another, the secret of brilliance is hidden in the details. Justin Hawkins recently explained what he adored about Yngwie Malmsteen and his guitar playing. Here’s what the Darkness frontman had to say about Malmsteen on a new episode of his Justin Hawkins Rides Again.

“I love the way Yngwie Malmsteen always plays a 1971 Olympic White Stratocaster,” Hawkins said about his appreciation of Malmsteen’s choice of guitar. “He’s probably got millions of them. I’ve actually got one of those guitars, and they’re great.”

He continued, “His one’s scalloped a bit so that you don’t have to press so hard to get, you know, the fret, especially up in the upper regions. I think the whole board is scalloped; it means that in between the threats, they’ve sort of carved out a little scoop there, so you just need to get the string to touch the fret, and then you get the sound that you want.”

“It’s a light style of playing,” added Hawkins. The singer also said, “He’s modified those guitars, but I really love that particular guitar. I also love these billowing shirts, of course, which is obviously sartorially brilliant.” The Darkness vocalist did not skip Yngwie’s billowing shirts, which became an integral part of the guitarist’s dressing style over time.

If Justin Hawkins’ detailed description didn’t get you curious about Yngwie Malmsteen, I wonder what will. If you haven’t heard or seen Malmsteen playing, you might want to check out some of his stuff to get a full taste of his ability with the guitar, not to mention the stage shows that are a treat for the eyes and ears.