Papa Roach’s Jacoby Shaddix On Keeping A Clean Conscience In Music Industry

The competitive atmosphere of the music industry, unfortunately, consumes many artists. Being able to stay in this business while maintaining mental stability is probably challenging for many. However, Jacoby Shaddix, who participated in a conversation with Loudwire, has a strategy, or rather a different perspective, to stay afloat in such a jungle.

“Oh, man. Yeah. It’s a filthy trench, the music business,” the frontman said, referring to the brutal organization of the industry. “And the more I learn about it, and it’s just like there’s all these little nooks and crannies and crevices that they hide the money, and the artists got to go dig for it and find it, and it’s all perspective.”

He continued, “If I let my emotions grab me and take hold, then yeah, it’s going to f*ck with my head. But then, if I look at it with my analytical mind and ‘anything is possible’ mind, it’s like, it’s all right, man, my life is good. I’ve been doing this for 20-plus years.”

In their long careers, they have also seen the different faces of the market. Jacoby noted, “We got eleven records, and yeah, we’ve had some highs and lows, and yeah, we’ve had people take advantage of us, and but for me, it’s like at the end of the day, we run an honest business, we treat people good, and we treat people respect, and that’s my side of the street.”

According to him, it was just a matter of mentality, as Shaddix believes that “When it comes to the other guys that are dishonest or running games or whatnot like that’s, they got an answer to that themselves. You know, they got to sleep with that at night. So you know, for me, I just keep it clear conscience by treating people good and trying to be a good human in this business.”

Papa Roach has been on the scene since the early ’90s, so Jacoby Shaddix has spent more than 25 years observing the music industry and developing his own survival strategy. During this time, they worked with different record labels and released eleven albums. This was an opportunity for them to see different approaches in the market and figure out how to cope with them.

While it was difficult to find a position in such a wild market, this did not dampen Papa Roach’s creativity or enthusiasm. Particularly in the last two years, the rockers have been very busy with their work and have excited their listeners with their consecutive drops. The non-stop rock giants will spend 2023 with a hectic touring schedule.