Papa Roach’s Jacoby Shaddix On His Offer To Ronnie Radke

Papa Roach vocalist Jacoby Shaddix recently had an interview with ‘The Dark’ on 94 Rocks KFML where he discussed his interaction with Ronnie Radke a few years ago regarding Papa Roach’s song ‘Last Resort.’ Jacoby described the scene:

“I think it was, like, probably about two or three years ago, we had hit [Ronnie] up… We hit a few different artists up about, ‘Hey, we wanna do a re-imagination of ‘Last Resort.’ We’ll celebrate the history and the legacy of the track.’ And he was just, like, ‘Oh, I’m all about it.’ [He] hit me up a few months later and he was, like, ‘I’ve really got something special I’m doing right now. I’m really excited about it.’ And time goes on.”

Shaddix then mentioned the first day of the ‘Rockzilla Tour’ in 2022, which they embarked on together, and shared his feelings about hearing the reimagined version of ‘Last Resort’ for the first time:

“And then we went and did a tour [together]. And the first day of the tour, he was, like, ‘Dude, I got that version I wanna play you.’ It was last year. And I remember he came to the dressing room, and I just had goosebumps. And then when I heard it, I was just, like, ‘Oh man.’ He just tapped into the raw emotion of the lyric and really made it special, made it his.”

Ronnie Radke recently faced severe backlash on his social media platforms, with TikTok banning him and Twitter shadowbanning him due to his transphobic comments, which violated their policies.

‘Last Resort’ is Papa Roach’s 23-year-old song that first appeared on their album ‘Infest.’ Below, you can find the rest of the interview, and listen to the Falling In Reverse cover.