Steven Tyler Is Back To Studio But There’s Still No Hope For Aerosmith Tour

We have both good and bad news for Aerosmith fans.

Steven Tyler seems to be back in the studio with Aerosmith. But it’s still not clear whether or not he will be touring.

Aerosmith Remixes/Reissues Are on Their Way

Tyler has shared a new picture on Instagram. In the picture, he is seen to be in a studio, and in the description, he clarified that the band has been working on remixes of earlier songs:

“Throats on the mend… But my ears still work! So in the meantime… It’s studio time… Starting re-mixing Aerosmith!”

Some fans were disappointed to find out that Aerosmith is not releasing new music anytime soon. Some even touched on the fact that The Beatles and Rolling Stones have released new music.

No News About the Earlier Cancelled Shows

Aerosmith was forced to cancel their farewell tour due to vocalist Tyler’s vocal cord issues. In early September, the rock singer sustained an injury to his vocal cords, resulting in a doctor’s recommendation to refrain from singing for a period of thirty days. As a result, the band had to reschedule six shows.

Following the announcement, it was revealed that Tyler had suffered a fracture in his larynx. Due to this injury, the band made the decision to postpone all their shows until 2024, but no more new dates have been announced recently.

Source: Steven Tyler – Instagram