Gene Simmons Explains Why Retirement Has Become KISS’s Only Option

KISS bassist Gene Simmons recently spoke to Independent and highlighted why the band can’t perform after The End of the Road Tour. Also, he stated that if he had chosen another kind of band, he could have continued the live shows.

As you probably know, KISS went back to their The End of the Road Tour on August 18, 2021, in Mansfield, after it was postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak. However, they had to reschedule the concerts again due to Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons’ COVID-19 diagnosis.

Even though KISS members guaranteed that the final shows would be unforgettable, the fans are still sad about the band deciding not to perform live shows anymore. In one of his previous interviews, Paul Stanley explained why they can’t perform concerts and continue running around with high heels and 40 or 50 pounds of gear.

During his interview, Gene Simmons also drew attention to KISS’ unique style and aim to be the best band globally. However, Simmons said that this intention to be the best had consequences, such as performing with heavy make-ups and gears instead of choosing to be a smarter band that wears t-shirts and trainers during the live shows.

Gene Simmons said in his interview that:

“It’s about dignity and self-respect. We’ve all seen boxers who stay in the ring too long, and bands that tour too long. There’s a physicality to what we do. You know, I could have picked a smarter band to be in…

Me? I’ve got to do two hours of make-up preparation, then wear 40 pounds – and I don’t mean English money – of armor and studs and all that stuff, and then seven-inch platform heels. We’ve been flying through the air in all that for almost half a century, and it’s f***ing backbreaking work!

We introduce ourselves with: ‘You wanted the best, you’ve got the best. The hottest band in the world: Kiss!’ I don’t want to be up on that stage a day longer than those words are true. Instead of: ‘You wanted the best. Well, they used to be pretty good, and now here they are today…’ While we’re at the top of our game, and while I still have a tooth left in my skull, get the f*** off the stage.”

Therefore according to Simmons, KISS can no longer continue their live concerts after the farewell tour due to their age, which prevents them from performing as well as they used to. Also, he highlighted that it would be better to stop while they’re at the top of their game.