Ozzy Osbourne’s Wife Sharon Thinks There Wasn’t A Fair Investigation About Racism Claims Against Her


Sharon Osbourne was recently accused of racism after defending her friend Piers Morgan, who made racist remarks about Meghan Markle. Recently, Sharon revealed that she demanded an investigation, but they didn’t carry it out properly or fairly.

The earth-shattering interview of Meghan Markle and Harry with Oprah Winfrey revealed that the royal family treated Meghan differently because of her skin color. Markle also confessed that The Royal Family denied her a mental health consultation when she had suicidal thoughts, and they were worried about the color of the couple’s child.

Piers Morgan was one of the people that didn’t believe Markle. On ‘Good Morning Britain,’ he accused Meghan of lying and received backlash for being racist. This matter was going to be discussed on ‘The Talk,’ the show Sharon Osbourne co-hosted. After her support on Twitter for her friend Morgan, the other producers decided to address the situation. Sharon got very defensive and frustrated for being put on the spot by her friend and co-host, Sheryl Underwood.

The questions asked by Sheryl and the other hosts were written down for them. However, Sharon wasn’t given a direction. During break time, Sharon asked Sheryl to tell her what was going on, but Sheryl wouldn’t answer. Wanting to know why the channel would put Sharon in this situation, she demanded an investigation but recently stated that it didn’t go fairly.

This is how the investigation went, according to Sharon:

“When all of this happened, I went to HR and said, ‘I want an investigation. I want to know who decided to do this. Why I was left out to dry for 20 minutes. I want to know why.’ And so they did do the investigation, but it was, as usual with corporations like this. Did they speak to the producer that was prepping me that morning? No, she was never interviewed.

Did they speak to people who were in the booth directing the show? No. So they spoke to a few people. Did they speak to the cameramen? Did they speak to people on the floor? What was going on during the break? No. So they selectively chose certain people to talk to. It came back that I was very offensive the way I treated Sheryl.”

Even though she still believes that her comments weren’t racist or supported racism, she issued an apology on Twitter and quit her job on ‘The Talk.’ Her husband, Ozzy Osbourne, commented about this subject and stated that his wife is ‘the most unracist person’ and stood by his wife.