Graham Nash Regrets Missing David Crosby Tribute, ‘I’ll Miss Him Every Day’

In a touching tribute to his late friend and bandmate David Crosby, Graham Nash shared a heartfelt video message during the Light Up The Blues fundraising event, reminiscing about their time together and the powerful impact he had on his life.

The event, organized by Stephen Stills and his wife Kristen, was a fundraiser for Autism Speaks and proved to be a night to remember in more ways than one. Alongside the tribute to the late musician, who passed away in early 2023, the evening featured unforgettable performances and cherished memories shared among friends and fans alike.

Numerous performers graced the stage throughout the evening. One standout moment was when Neil Young performed live for the first time in four years, a rare and special appearance. However, he was not the only member of the iconic band Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young to contribute to the night’s magic.

Nash, though unable to attend in person because of a gig in Pennsylvania, shared an emotional video message with the audience about his late friend David Crosby. In his message, he fondly recalled their friendship and introduced a touching video of the duo performing ‘Guinnevere’ at Jazz at Lincoln Center.

The singer’s heartfelt words set the stage for the following quote:

“Hello, everybody! David was my best friend for almost 50 years. I’m going to miss him terribly in my life. I think about him every day. I’d like to revisit a beautiful piece of music, David and I doing ‘Guinnevere’ at Jazz at Lincoln Center with the famous trumpeter Wynton Marsalis. Enjoy the music, and please rejoice. I’m going to miss him every day of my life.”

As the 2013 performance played on screen, the crowd initially fell silent, captivated by the emotional resonance of the moment. This quiet reverence soon transformed into rising excitement when Stills, joined by his son Chris and James Raymond, the late singer’s son and longtime musical collaborator, took the stage to perform ‘Wooden Ships.’