Cinderella’s Tom Keifer Says He Needed A Break

In a recent interview with SiriusXM, Cinderella frontman Tom Keifer talked about the break the band took due to the pandemic. Keifer believed that the pause in touring was perfectly timed. He said:

“I kind of needed it. We toured so much with this band leading right up to the last tour, right before the pandemic. We were actually out early that year, in 2020, ’cause the ‘Rise’ tour was still kind of continuing; we were still working the record.”

It appears that the band had been on the road for more than ten years without a break at that time. Keifer mentioned the pandemic and continued:

“So it was 10 years straight for me — or not quite 10 years at that point. But there were three Cinderella tours prior to that. So I’d been on the road, like, 12 years straight. So I was crispy by the time that pandemic hit. None of us wanted that forced on us, obviously, but I guess it forced me to take a break, which I probably needed.”

The frontman, though he needed a break, does not ‘hold back’ when he is on stage. Despite facing vocal cord paresis, which he overcame, Keifel continued touring without stopping. He said:

“Your voice is — it’s your whole body. It’s not just the vocal cords; it’s the whole breathing apparatus and just your whole overall energy goes into it. It’s taxing, especially if you’re a singer that really goes for it. Once I hit that stage, I don’t hold back.”

Cinderella, though they started to perform back in 2010, has been mostly inactive. Keifer has been working on his solo band #KeiferBand and gave his first show last year since the pandemic and has been touring since then.