Justin Chancellor: Tool Must Release New Music Faster

In a new conversation with NME, Justin Chancellor said they need to be quicker than before when releasing new material.

He explained that the long process about the albums before wasn’t intentional but resulted from pressure to outdo themselves. They had to work through that to create something new. Last time, they had many starts and stops and even scrapped ideas. This time, they’re taking a different approach, and it feels like it’s coming together faster. Justin stated:

“We’re just getting old, so it’s the pressure of time. Danny [Carey] has just turned 63, so if we take 13 more years we’ll be touring when we’re over 70! Now there’s more of a necessity to get something cooking a little faster if we want to keep going strong.”

He continued, sharing their intention for more music:

“We can always carry on touring, and it’s always enjoyable playing the old stuff — especially for me because I’m the new guy in the line-up… even though it’s been nearly 30 years now — but at this point we’re all eager to create something new while we’re on the planet. We want to keep producing more and really explore the creative side of ourselves. We are happy with what we’ve done so far, but we are also excited to see what else we could create that would be different from all of that.”

Chancellor’s Previous Words On The New Album

In a recent talk with Kerrang!, Chancellor again talked about their upcoming record and said Tool already has songs for it. When asked what he added to the album, he answered:

“There’s absolutely tons and tons of hard drives full of stuff. Some ideas go back to before ‘Fear Inoculum’ that are just simple riffs that we never incorporated into a song. But sometimes that’s a bit like grinding the gears when you’re trying to resurrect or revisit them, so it’s really appealing to work on the newest stuff.”

The rocker explained how they work together in their sessions:

“Each time we come together, people also have so many new ideas and then we’ll spend all day playing them. We’re constantly introducing new stuff but then sometimes that’ll marry with the old material.”

Chancellor also mentioned they’ve been writing songs for a few weeks. The band members meet a couple of times each week. They’ve had good sessions, with much of it being new material. They already have a couple of strong song structures ready to be finished.