Ozzy Osbourne’s Daughter Kelly Announces Her Dog’s Heart Stopped, And She Is Currently In The ICU

Black Sabbath legend Ozzy Osbourne’s daughter Kelly Osbourne shared a post on her official Instagram page asking her fans to pray for her dog Polly that is currently in the intensive care unit after Kelly found her barely breathing and unable to move.

As many of you know, Kelly Osbourne has multiple professions including being a tv personality, actress, singer, model, and fashion designer as well as being a highly active social media user, especially on her official Instagram page on which she has more than two million followers.

Kelly Osbourne often shares breathtaking selfies, her upcoming projects, the campaigns that she supports for minor community rights, and incredibly fun memes including the ones with her pictures. However, if there’s one thing Kelly loves to share with her fans, it’s her adorable dogs whether they’re having fun in bed, swimming in the pool, or even reading a book together.

Among the dogs she has, Kelly’s white pomeranian named Polly is one of the most famous ones without a doubt with a cute little smile and a tiny face to die for. While fans love using Polly’s pictures, Kelly Osbourne recently shared a post on her official Instagram page revealing a piece of heartbreaking news for her fans.

Apparently, the daughter of Ozzy Osbourne woke up to find her little dog unable to move and breathe and rushed Polly to the veterinarian. Sweet Polly is currently getting her treatment in the ICU and Kelly Osbourne was told by the vets who don’t know why for sure but believe her heart stopped beating. After revealing the tragic news, Kelly asked her fans to pray for the little guy while expressing how much her dog means to her.

Here is what Kelly Osbourne said:

“At around 4:30 am Erik and I woke up to find Polly hardly breathing and completely unable to move. We rushed her to the vet where she is currently being treated in the ICU. I was told they believe her heart stopped and they don’t know why. This dog means more to me than anything in the world. She is my heart and soul. I don’t think I would still be here if it was not for this dog. Please pray for her.”

You can see the Instagram post below.

Photo Credit: Kelly Osbourne- Instagram Page