Ozzy Osbourne Describes Taylor Hawkins’ Impact On His Life

The Grammy buzz has made Ozzy Osbourne even more excited to hit the road in the new year. On the flip side, it has also made him reminisce about Taylor Hawkins, who was also a part of his latest album. Hawkins’ untimely death has made Osbourne look inward on his life journey and appreciate the Foo Fighters drummer’s impact on him during a recent chat with Forbes.

“Just yesterday, I put it back on again,” Osbourne said when asked about the album’s Grammy nominations. “The players I got on the album — Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Taylor Hawkins, he’s on the album as well. He came down to the studio, and he was a very nice guy. It was sad when he died.”

He continued, “I was saying to my wife just recently, ‘I don’t drink booze anymore, I don’t smoke tobacco anymore, don’t do hard drugs anymore, don’t stay out late.’ So I don’t do anything, and I like how I feel. I used to think, ‘You’ve got to have a few drinks in you. How can you create anything if your mind ain’t working?’ I used to think that was food for your creativity.”

However, the Prince of Darkness has realized that “It’s bullsh*t; it’s what addicts and alcoholics say. Life’s not bad. Three days ago, I turned 74, and I don’t know, for the life of me, how I made it to 74. But I’m glad I did.”

Osbourne can’t wait to be on the road again. He added, “On the road is where it all happens for me. Some nights I’m good; some nights, I’m not so good. I’m getting slowly better, and I don’t give a f*ck if I have to crawl on the stage. I will get back on that stage very soon. The date I’m putting in the books is May of next year. I’m going to get well by May. I’ve got to set myself a date.”

Although the road is rough, especially for someone who has been struggling with his health setbacks for several years, the singer is determined to get his health in check to perform for his fans again, even if it means he has to be dragged on stage. We sure hope he’s back on his feet in no time to give the performance of his life. Can’t wait!