Max Cavalera Admits Not Liking Genesis’ Peter Gabriel

While Peter Gabriel is widely regarded as a pioneer in the world of music, his unique style and eclectic influences have not always been well-received by heavy metal fans. This assumption seems to be accurate as in his recent interview with Revolver, Sepultura’s Max Cavalera shared his views on the former Genesis icon.

In the metal world, Gabriel is sometimes considered too experimental and far removed from the genre’s traditional sounds and conventions. This disdain for Peter’s music stems from his eclectic approach to composition, which incorporates elements of world music, ambient soundscapes, and avant-garde experimentation, as well as his rejection of the heavier, more aggressive elements commonly associated with metal.

Thus, Gabriel’s music is often seen as too ‘artsy’ or ‘pretentious’ by many metal fans. Max Cavalera is clearly no exception. He also does not like Gabriel’s music that much, but there is an album that he thinks is an exception. It is ‘Passion,’ Peter Gabriel’s 1989 release. In his recent conversation, he revealed why he likes that album, and judging by his comments, the album’s story seems to have profoundly affected Cavalera.

When he was asked about his favorite non-metal albums, Cavalera shared:

“I’m not a huge Peter Gabriel fan, but I like this instrumental soundtrack thing he did. He went to North Africa and recorded with an ensemble of North African musicians. And it’s a very cool story. I love the story, and I always wanted to do something like that at some point in my career.”

When Peter Gabriel’s ‘Passion’ was released in 1989, it was considered a game-changer. It marked a major milestone in the popularization of world music. Composed as the soundtrack for the film ‘The Last Temptation of Christ,’ Gabriel went above and beyond to create something truly special. He used the resources of WOMAD, an organization he founded, to bring together musicians from all over the world, from South Asia to Africa and Middle East, to collaborate on the project.