Amy Lee Cancels Evanescence Shows Fearing To Lose Her Voice

Evanescence has been touring Europe, but their next show in Poland was canceled with an announcement on the act’s official Instagram account. Frontwoman Amy Lee wrote the note as she informed the audience about her health and apologized to all their fans who were excitedly waiting to attend the gig.

“We are absolutely gutted to tell you we will not be able to play for you tonight,” stated Lee. “There has been a relentless sickness going around our camp, and it has, despite every effort, taken hold of my voice. My doctor says I can’t perform like this without damaging it, and I am doing everything I can to heal so we can finish this tour.”

She then mentioned how disappointed she was to be canceling the show. Amy wrote, “I know you are disappointed; believe me, we are too; this is just one of those things that are out of our control. We have been looking forward to this for a long time and are already looking at ways to make it up to you.”

The frontwoman continued, “We see you; we’re so grateful to you for bringing us here again, for listening to our music, for sharing your hearts with us; we know what it means. I promise we will be back. Until then, keep your head up, stay strong, and keep rockin’!”

Even though Evanescence had to cancel their show, supporting acts are still set to perform. The statement announced, “Within Temptation will still perform and put on an extra special set for fans. The new correct set times are below. 19.30 – Smash Into Pieces [and] 20.45 – Within Temptation. Ticket refunds can be applied for the point of purchase until January 10.”

Amy seemed to be quite upset that she couldn’t get to perform for her European fans. However, she promised that the band would make it up to their audience as they did everything to finish the tour. So, hopefully, Amy will get better soon and return to rock the stage again.